A fire hydrant has reportedly gone missing in Schenectady.

According to The Daily Gazette, police believe that a fire hydrant that has gone missing in Schenectady was stolen. A car accident back on Jan. 17 is believed to be where the incident occurred from. An accident that happened at the corners of Cutler St. and Fifth Ave. caused one of the vehicles to strike a hydrant, detaching it from the ground. Shortly afterwards, the hydrant had gone missing. Street surveillance camera footage have police believing that a black Ford  F250 pickup truck with a yellow plow attached picked up the hydrant and hauled it away. The truck appeared to have been driven by a man. A photo of the truck can be seen here. Police are asking anyone with information to call the city police traffic division at 518-382-5211.

What would anyone want with a fire hydrant? Maybe a decoration for a someone's 'man cave'? I have no clue. Any thoughts?

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