Not sure what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers?  Maybe some family members didn't show up and now you have TOO much food taking over your fridge?  Sick of eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry for every. single. meal.  Thanksgiving excitement worn off and now your fridge is just packed?  Yeah, I get it.  I've been stumped too.  So here's some creative things I came up with- digging deep in my brain- to utilize all those leftovers.

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    Mashed Potato Wrestling

    WWE fan? Well, how about you turn that fandom in to real life adrenaline with some mashed potato wrestling!  A local bar use to do this one when I was in my early 20s.  It's easy- all you need is a kids blow up pool, all your mashed potato leftovers that you throw in said blow up pool, and someone to wrestle.  If you get hurt- don't blame it on us, we're not making you do it!

  • 2

    Cranberry Cocktail

    Too much cranberry leftover?  Well, I know two things that go well together (a little TOO well in the past for me, hence why I don't drink anymore...) - cranberry and vodka!  Bye Bye all that leftover cranberry, hello a cranberry vodka cocktail concoction to enjoy.

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    Turkey, Biscuits, and Gravy

    Ok but seriously.  I'm a sucker for biscuits and gravy, so why not just add some turkey in the mix.  Scrumptious breakfast biscuits smothered in gravy with a little bit of leftover turkey.  Something that doesn't take totally Thanksgiving and still utilizes those leftovers!

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    Actually, winter time may not be the best time to start composting.  But still, it's a thought.  Where I grew up in the middle of rural nowhere, we had a compost pile in our backyard where we'd throw our biodegradable leftovers. Just saying, if you can't eat them all, you've got options!

  • 5

    Freeze it For the Holidays

    Need to bring a dish to Aunt Thelma's for the upcoming holidays?  Still have a pie or two leftover?  Pop that back in the freezer ASAP and pull it out before you head to the next holiday- why waste food when you can reuse it!