Remember the movie Final Destination where the main characters grouped together to try and cheat death? Well here are ways you can cheat your own death. When your time is up, it's up, but here are a few tips that can possibly make death look the other way.

Tip #1- Raise the Roof- Commute to Higher Grounds

The higher the altitude, the healthier you will be! In 2009, a study was conducted in Switzerland that proved people living in higher altitudes have a 22% lower risk of coronary heart disease and its related deaths. This might be attributed to the extra UVA rays high-altitude residents are exposed to everyday. UVA rays give our bodies vitamin D, so those that gets lots of exposure get more vitamin absorption. The proof: about 77% of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency, which can


lead to bone disorders and heart disease. Let's be realistic though. Many of us don't have the option or the funds to move higher up, so here's what you can do: take 1,000 IU of vitamin D every day, eat more foods high in D, such as seafood, or take a vitamin D3 supplement.

Tip #2- Spread the Love- Keep all Relationships Alive and Long-Lasting

According to a 2010 review by researchers at Brigham Young University, people with strong friendships and relationships, and those who involve themselves in the community live an average of 3.7 years more than those who don't.

Social support is linked to better immune functioning, says study author Julianne Holt- Lunstad, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at BYU. And with meaningful bonds in your life, you're likely to take fewer risks that endanger those worthwhile relationships, she adds.

What can you do to improve your social health? Volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter, or with some other non-profit organization once or twice a week. Do more things outside of your comfort zone and meet-up with friends more often. Improve their social health as well by taking them along for a selfless act that will make you all feel better.


Tip #3- Brush, Floss, Rinse- Brush those Pearly Whites

The more times you brush a day, the better! A 2010 UK study showed that there was a 70% higher chance of hospitalization or death from heart disease in those who brushed less than twice a day than those who brushed at least three times a day. This may sound far-fetched, but oral bacteria can group together quickly and can be very dangerous. The bacteria can get into your bloodstream and can cause plaque buildup in your arteries. Plaque on the teeth can cause plaque in the arteries! You can easily prevent this from happening by brushing at least three times a day and flossing daily. Rinse with a strong mouthwash to top it all off!

Tip #4- Smell it, Breathe it in- Refresh your Lungs with Clean, Crisp Air

Filter out the bad air and feed your lungs good, new air. Those who reside in areas with good air quality tend to live several months to a year longer, as opposed to those who are consumed by smog and pollution-filled air, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Infested air encases dirt and other micro-pollutants that can cause inflammatory reactions, some of which can cause cardiovascular disease. Again, it might be impossible to relocate to an area with better air quality, so here's the alternative: enhance your air intake by using trails instead of sidewalks for jogging. Intense breathing in of polluted air can ravage your lungs, as opposed to a trail full of nature and trees which produce fresh oxygen. Install air purifiers in your home as well, instead of opening windows during the warm months.

Tip #5- Be Accepting of all Things- Especially your Age

Don't worry and stress over the things you can't control. This is easier said than done, but it will eliminate stress and


improve your health. The biggest thing you can't control is your age, which can also stress you out the most, so be accepting of your age as much as possible. You can only get older, so be proud and embrace it! After all, with age comes knowledge, success and wisdom. In a 2009 German study, those who claimed to be happy with their age lived an average of two years longer than those who were unhappy. Accept, don't deny your aging process to increase your healthy behaviors. Instead of comparing your current self with your younger self or to others younger than you, compare yourself with those who are older. Think of those who are worse off and those who you look up to who got you to where you are today. Society is full of celebrities, idols, legends and inspirations who got to where they are by aging, so do the same and show yourself what you're made of!

Follow these five tips and you'll feel and be healthier. Make that old grim reaper pass right by you without even taking a second look!