Oh, puppies. What's not to love? They're adorable and cute and cuddly and adorable.

Sure, every now and then they'll chew up a pair of your shoes or poop on your pillow, but one look at those adorable puppy eyes and all is well.

But what if your puppy inadvertently drives your car into a pond? Do you still forgive him?

That's exactly what Rosie, a 12-week-old German Shepherd puppy did recently in Massachusetts.

After a walk with her owner, Rosie excitedly hopped back into the car and accidentally hit the gear shifter, shifting the car into drive. Unfortunately, there was a pond nearby and the car made it's way into the pond with Rosie still behind the wheel.

Some people passing by saw it all go down and helped to rescue Rosie. The car, though, was a complete loss.