Ah, Florida. You never let us down!

This guy in Fort Lauderdale got high and thought it was a good idea to take his clothes off, run around and cause a little mayhem. Just before his streaking incident, he had smoked flakka, which apparently is the hot new street drug, Fort Lauderdale's WSVN-TV reported.

He was running down the middle of the road wearing just his sneakers. He believed that he was being chased by people who were trying to kill him and they had stolen his clothes. He was attempting to get hit by a car because he felt that this would make the bad guys stop chasing him.

He was arrested and is now being held for psychiatric evaluation, WSVN-TV reported.

This isn't the first time cops came across someone high on the street drug.

Back in March, another dude who was high on flakka tried to scale a metal fence and ended up impaling himself.