Get ready for some rain this week in the Capital Region- with weather patterns matching those that caused some previous historic floods.

Now, that doesn't mean that it's necessarily going to flood. But, according to News Channel 13 Weather, it's going to be a rainy week.  All week long there's showers to thunderstorms.  Temperatures still look warm, with highs in the 80s through Friday, but thunderstorms to go along with them.  According to a post on, this is the same kind of weather pattern that caused massive floods back in 2006.  Two weather systems are going to converging over New York State, which is what caused the massive floods back in 2006.  However, there's obviously other factors that play into flooding, like even how long the weather systems hang out.  Nonetheless, it seems like a break from the massive heat and a good week to break out your umbrellas!