The 2007 Super Bowl has been called one of the best Super Bowls, if not the best Super Bowl of all time.  The Giants ruined the Pats dreams of an undefeated season with a huge underdog victory.  This Sunday, it's a rematch between the two.

This Sunday is a big rematch between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.  The Pats are for sure looking for a little redemption after the underdog Giants beat them in in Super Bowl XLII in 2007, which spoiled there hope for an undefeated season.  Forever in QB Tom Brady's head will be that season where they went 16-0 in the regular season, but lost the big game.

So far this season the Giants and Pats are doing very well.  New England isn't looking like their normal self, but are tied for first place in their division.  The Giants in the meantime are a big surprise in the NFC East, a division they currently lead.  They are once again defying the odds and the critics who gave them no hope of success going into this season.

The rematch is Sunday at 4pm in Foxboro.  The Pats are coming off a tough loss to the Steelers and the Giants a comeback win over the Dolphins.  It should be interesting to watch even if you don't like ether team.