Sunday, Aug. 28 is national "Go Topless Day." In order to spread gender equality awareness, women are encouraged to go topless this Sunday.

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I agree with the point of this day. I think it is unfair that men can go topless in public and women can't. In fact, I think it should be the other way around. Men's breasts often look like the ends of deli meats and most of them are hairy, but don't let that discourage you from going topless on topless day. I am going topless on topless day.

There are some people who I don't think should go topless on topless day, but I have been advised not to name names. On second thought, the more the merrier.

So remember, Sunday is "Go Topless Day" in America because we the people are not ashamed of our boobies, and we believe in gender equality. Women get hot too- hot women get hot, everyone gets hot unless there is something wrong with your nervous system. Even those people should be able to take off their shirts if they want to. So on Sunday, Aug. 28, go topless for America... and send me pictures and video.

P.S. -- Don't put any stupid things on your nipples. It's annoying -- it's like seeing the boob, but you're not really seeing the boob because you can't really say you've seen the boob unless you've seen the nipple.

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