The polls for Q103's Listener's Choice Awards are still open, you have until Sunday the 24th to vote for your favorite local business, vote now before it's too late. 


If you don't see your favorite business, then just vote 'other' and write in your nomination and vote!

I don't feel that I really needed to tell you that.

Vote from your phone.

Vote from home.

Vote at work, school, even while you are at your favorite business that you are voting for!

Voting is fun, if it were not, then most of America's favorite reality shows would not of existed. If you really think about it, Americans are obsessed with voting, we just love to get together and collectively decide what is popular.

Then we turn around and talk about how we don't care about 'Popularity Contests' and that we don't care about what anyone else thinks, but we really do.

That is why you should go and vote now!

Not for me!

Not for Q103!

Not for your favorite local business!

For America!