Good News: There is a hidden message in this weeks Good News Bad News.

Bad News: Not really but I will try anything to get more views.

Good News: I have never texted while driving, I even feel uncomfortable using speaker phone while driving.

Bad News: My wife seems to have no problem doing both, sometimes at the same time.

Good News: There has not been enough amusing lighthearted local news to make fun of.

Bad News: I am probably not looking hard enough.

Good News: This was the second episode in a row that I am wearing my Captain America shirt, that's consistency.

Bad News: I have more consistent streaks where I have forgotten to shave.

Good News: I have not stopped shaving everyday since I realized this.

Bad News: I don't understand why I can not get a shave that meets my standards with an electric razor.

Good News: I may be lying about there being no hidden message in this episode.

Bad News: I probably am lying.

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