Good News: I have recovered from my wounds endured during the filming of this edition of Good News Bad News.

Bad News: The internet is probably going to hurt my feelings now.

Good News: A follow up from the episode before this one, BB8 gets his stitches our today and the cone off of his head.

Bad News: He's not getting his you-know-whats back.

Good News: BB8 got even with me when he destroyed one of my favorite lamps with his cone.

Bad News: BB8 got the cone off three times during the week.

Good News: I found a use for my son's old skate laces.

Good News: Everything in this episode of Good News Bad News is true!

Bad News: Even the part about how I used to go to Denny's a lot and only order coffee.

Good News: My friends ordered food.

Bad News: I burned myself out on Denny's.

Good News: Although I made the comment about child stars growing up to be attractive adults I have never found the Olsen Twins attractive.

Bad News: I think it's because they're aliens.



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