Good News: This is a web series that you can watch with your mom.

Bad News: I kind of make fun of my mom in this one.

Good News: I left the Denny's fight for Candace, Vinnie or Tig.

Bad News: I spent a good portion of my early 20's at that Denny's and it is so going to be a topic in the next Good News Bad News.

Good News: I am just messing with the Times Union, I am sure that they check their sources.

Bad News: What if they don't?

Good News: After watching this video I feel self conscious about my weight again, so I will do the next Good News Bad News topless.

Bad News: Although I keep telling myself that it's the camera angle, the lighting, the camera itself, it's probably my diet and lack of exercise.

Good News: BB-8's operation went well.

Bad News: he has to wear a silly cone for a week now.

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