A former mayor in Indiana named Harry Baals (pronounced just the way we want to giggle at) who was quite respected may never have his legacy remembered via having a building named after him.
While it'd be awesome to work in a building called Harry Baals, folks in Indiana just don't think that they want to deal with the jokes that will accompany such a choice of building name.

Poor old Harry died in 1954 but his legend lives on - and he was one nominated for a building to be named after him, to be voted for in an online voting forum. Harry Balls is leading the pack with votes now.

The descendants of Harry Baals don't appreciate the jokes and have changed the pronunciation of the name to "bails" which is entirely unfun.

When I was an undergrad at Northern Arizona University there was a brief and ridiculous suggestion that money could be raised for the university via selling naming rights to buildings on campus. Nobody was too excited at the prospect of having the "Tampax University Union" where all of the best places to eat were.

I bet the undergrad student body would have welcomed naming the University Union after Harry Baals with open arms.