Good News: I keep my shirt on in this episode. Bad News: I keep my shirt on in this episode.


Good News: Corey Taylor opens for me in every episode because I am so awesome.

Bad News: Sometimes people actually believe that I actually believe in my outrageous claims.

Good News: I tried to make this week's episode as locally relevant as possible with news about Troy and Clifton Park.

Bad News: most of the time local news is not as entertaining as national news.

Good News: It is now easier to find all of our web series on

Bad News: It took us 3 years.

Good News: Easter Sunday is this weekend.

Bad News: Last Easter I won the egg hunt contest at our building but I never received my prize, I guess i have to wait 2 more years for that.

Good News: The next episode of Good News Bad News may be a festive episode.

Bad News: It's almost a guarantee that I will have some good or bad news about an Easter fail next week.


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