Are you looking for a job? Great Escape is looking to hire 1,500 people for the 2021 season by holding a virtual job fair. The amusement park in Queensbury is scheduled to reopen on Saturday May 1st for weekends and select dates. By Thursday June 24th the park will be fully open and they need you!

According to News10 ABC, once you apply Great Escape will be opening a virtual job fair, set for Saturday March 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The first step is to apply! If you are interested in a job at Great Escape amusement park, apply HERE. If you are interested in a position at Great Escape Lodge, apply HERE.

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  • Director of In-Park Lodge Services - This is a senior level management position, responsible for overseeing and directing all aspects of the Food & Beverage Operations, Retail, Games, and Purchasing departments for the Theme Park and Lodge.
  • Food and Beverage Supervisor - Hungry for a great job with filling experience? If you love good food (who doesn’t?), you’ll crave being surrounded by the flavors of Six Flags as part of our foods team.
  • Aquatics Supervisor - This position will be responsible for upholding the Six Flags, Ellis and Associates, and New York State standards of safety in the Aquatics Department.

This is a sample of the PART TIME positions they are looking to fill this spring:

  • Retail Imaging and Photography Team Member - Capturing the Guest’s experience with high quality photos taken with the latest in digital photography technology.
  • Lifeguard -  Whether you’re watching over the wave pool or loading slide tubes, you’ll be on the front line keeping our guests safe.
  • Painter - Applicant must have the proven ability to paint park facilities and structures, as well as a basic knowledge of carpentry.

I think it is awesome that Great Escape will be open for the 2021 season and I think it's even more amazing that they have job opportunities for the Capital Region! Go get yours!


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