Not only is this mans book 42 years overdue but his choice in reading material 42 years ago is ... slightly suspect.

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I'm sure library's deal with overdue books on the daily, I mean I couldn't tell you first hand, because to be honest I don't even know the last time I visited a library in person. However,  According to News 10 Tuesday afternoon the Guilderland Public Library checked in a book that was 15,531 days overdue!

If you do the math that's 42 years late! Dang, that must have been a good book. Apparently the guy tried to down play the extreme lateness but when the clerk noticed there was no electronic bar code he had to do some investigating and go old school and check the stamp on the book which said it was due back on April 18, 1974.

When he asked what the hold up on returning the book was the man said he had been living out of the country for a few years and took the book with him but his conscious got the best of him recently so he brought it back.

The book, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” - The history of Nazi Germany. At 20 cents a day the cost of the over due book raked up a fine of $3,106.21! However, the library has a cap of $5 and since the man, who wished to remain anonymous, returned the book eventually the library waived the fee.

Those are some crazy numbers there!

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