Kudos Capital Region - you got brains!  A trending post on newyorkupstate.com listed the 50 most educated towns in Upstate New York.  Among the Top 50 were multiple Capital Region towns, including:

Troy coming at #45

Scotia coming in at #32

Colonie coming in at #28

Albany at #19

Saratoga Springs at #4

A few more Capital Region towns were including, and you can see the whole list at newyorkupstate.com! The statistics were compiled from the number of school degrees in each town- as in how many people have a college degree.  To me, this is skewed.  Not that I’m saying the Capital Region isn’t smart.  The opposite in fact.  What I’m saying is that it’s doesnt take a Bachelor’s Degree to be smart and educated.  I 1000% know this as someone who does the Q103 Work Day Distraction each week, and encounter a TON of people who are way more educated than me in all different areas.  I was on a job-site once where a winner was joking to me about being a college dropout and having to work hard day in and day out, yet he was doing something that was so beyond my level of knowledge and intellect.  So- if you’re going by this one list and college degrees per town, or just in general, kudos Capital District, you’ve got brains!




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