On this week's Free Advice Friday we get hyped for 'It's' arrival ... or at least we try to.

So in case you have been living under a rock this weekend the new film adaptation of Stephen King's 'It' hit theaters. Judging by the trailers for the film it looks like this one is going to be pretty epic and stick pretty true to the original TV mini series.

Well, here at the Q for more reasons than one, we all happen to really enjoy a good (or terrible) horror flick and love a good scare. So on this weeks Free Advice Friday we thought we would remind you that you can see 'It' in theaters this weekend and we wanted to share our excitement for the release with you as well as some of our co-workers in the building.

Turns out they were not very easily scared and weren't quite as hyped for the films release as we are.

You know people around here don't really seem to take to Vinnie the clown very well. I feel like things didn't end so great for him last time we let him out to pay ...

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