Watching this guy just hang out with wild Orca Whales has never made me more jealous in my entire life. Sure some people might look at this video and think the guy is crazy. Some people might think being on a surf board while giant wild killer whales circle you in the water is dangerous, but not me.

I've seen "Free Willy" I know exactly how this one ends. This guy on the paddle board and the orcas may not see eye to eye at first. But sooner or later something happens and the guy helps the orcas out big time. Maybe they need help finding a decent falafilo in the city and he directs them to the best restaurant ever. Over time they become best friends and then this guy is King of the Orca Whales. Instead of grabbing a leg a thrashing this guy about like the spin cycle in a coin op washing machine the whales let this dude ride them like a giant black and white water horse.

I think the most amazing part of this video is the fact that this guy isn't belting out "Will You Be There" by Micheal Jackson. Shame on you camera man.



Will You Be There