If you tuned into the Monday Night Football game last night between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis Colts you may have noticed that something was missing at the beginning.  That would be the signature "Are You Read for Some Football" opening by Hank Williams Jr., which will no longer be part of the programming due to Williams controversial comments about President Obama.


Hank Williams Jr.  has always been a very outspoken individual, but this time it may have gone to far.  On Monday morning Williams was on FOX news channels FOX and Friends show where he made comments comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.  Not the best person to compare anyone too, let alone the leader of the country.

After he made the comments ESPN made the decision to pull the famous "Are You Ready for Some Football" opening saying that while Williams isn't an official ESPN employee, he is closely associated with the network and they were very disappointed in his comments.  Williams immediately tried to cover his tracks by releasing his this statement through his publicist:

Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood. My analogy was extreme, but it was to make a point. I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me, how ludicrous that pairing was. They're polar opposites and it made no sense. They don't see eye-to-eye and never will. I have always respected the office of the president.

Williams has been openly critical of President Obama in the past and when asked later if he realized that he compared the President to one of the most hated men in history, he said "I'm just telling it like it is."  Monday Night Football and Hank Williams Jr. had been paired together for 20 years.