As a child of the eighties, the name Freddy Krueger still scares the hell out me!  Today, the man who donned the metal claws and invaded our dreams turns 65.  Happy birthday to Robert Englund.

Robert Englund has been in dozens of movies, even some big name blockbusters well before he ever portrayed Freddy Krueger.   However, no role will ever be more synonymous with his name than that of the dream-stalking killer.

Krueger makes his first appearance in A Nightmare on Elm Street, a 1984 horror film in which he was a child murderer left off on a technicality.  Enraged parents burned Krueger alive and he ends up coming back to torment children in their dreams.   Teens (remember this teen in the movie?) do all they can to stay awake, because if they fall asleep, they run into the clawed glove wearing, black and green sweater loving, burned up killer!

Freddy Krueger appears in eight movies, a TV series plus a remake of the original 1984 classic.  Englund played Krueger in all but the remake.  Happy 65th, Robert Englund/Freddy Krueger!

Are you Freddy fan? Despite the dozens of movies before and after, any time I hear Robert Englund, I only think of Freddy - and I still piss my pants in fear.


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