Looking for dinner ideas? Why not go with a classic in honor of National Cheese Pizza Day?

BJ Ragone
BJ Ragone

With all these fancy new gourmet pizzas taking over pizza shops and Italian restaurants now days I feel like a classic slice of cheese pizza often gets over looked. Well, it just so happens that today is National Cheese Pizza Day and I say we celebrate!

Not to be confused with National Pizza Day which is apparently on someday in February. Today is a day to appreciate that classic slice of zza. So when you are calling your favorite local pizza shop (or chain) tonight forego the fancy white pizzas, the fig and goat cheese, the chicken bacon ranch's, the Hawaiians', the pepperoni's, the veggie's or even meat lovers slices and go for the classic. The one that started it all just some dough, sauce, and cheese.

I guess if you really need some protein in your life you could always order a slice of each ...


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