My favorite junk food is nachos, not the pretty nachos that you get at a restaurant, I like the gross looking nachos that you would find at a gas station or a bowling alley.

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My second favorite junk food is Hooters chicken wings, I can eat 100 in one sitting and not be ashamed of myself because I used to work for Hooters back when Hooters was at Crossgates Mall, I was a dishwasher, so I know what all the waitresses really think of the customers. Although I would not be ashamed and could eat 100 in one sitting, I will pay for it dearly because anyone who has had enough of Hooter's wings can tell you how fast they go through you, I call it "The Hooter's Blues."

My third favorite junk food I do not consider a junk food because it is so, so good: Ben & Jerry's. Ok it's junk food.... anyone want to go to Vermont with me?

My least favorite junk food is Bobons, never really liked them.

And now in honor of National Junk Food Day, here is a video from my favorite competitive eater Matt Stonie taking on a massive Ice Cream Sundae!