It is March 1st. 2017 is officially 2 months old, which means that you have had two months to make good on your New Year's Resolution. So, how is that going?

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So... how's that book you're writing coming along?

Still going to the gym every day?

Dropping those extra pounds?

How are you doing with your diet?

Cut down on drinking?

Getting to bed earlier?

Spending more time with whoever or whatever you were neglecting?

Learning how to play that instrument?

Did you quit smoking?

Saving that money?

Are your grades going up at school?

Hey, how is that class you're taking?

Did you get back into that old hobby of yours? Taking it seriously this time?

Find a new job yet?

Find a job yet?

Polish your resume?

Find an apartment yet?

Almost ready to move out of your folks' house?

Stop cheating on your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend yet?

Did you tell whoever how you really feel?

Get out of that friend zone?

Get that raise yet?

Get that promotion yet?

I am running out of annoying things to say for this blog and, to be fair, I have yet to make good on my New Year's Resolution too but I have really good excuses:

I wanted to get back into Stand Up Comedy, but my wife got a dog, my son still has Hockey practice twice a week, I have to be up at 4:30 in the morning on weekdays, my wife does not cook and I make my own cigarettes. So, it's difficult to make it to the Comedy writing seminar a legit professional comedian has been having on Tuesday evenings. Fortunately he recently moved the seminar to Saturdays.

See, like I said: "Good Excuses."

Don't judge me, I'll judge you!!!






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