Fast and easy weight loss has been the hot thing since the year 0001. Even Jesus knew it was important to look good, which explains them chiseled abs of his. However there is a new product called Aqualynx on the market that is as effective as liposuction without the whole suction part.

Aqualyx is the perfect product for people who want to lose weight, hate to work out and love to pee. Aqualyx is an injection that liquefies your fat cells
to a level to which they can be absorbed in the blood stream. The fat is then excreted from the body through your urine.

“Makers say the solution completely destroys the fat cells so they can’t grow back.” –dailymail

This new risky injection could potentially change the world. I am so excited about Aqualyx that I have torn up my gym membership card and ordered a pizza. Working out is for suckers and I am no sucker. Hand me a cream filled doughnut and stick me full of Aqualyx. Ladies look out!