It's a sad day when your favorite band retires, and it's with a heavy heart we report that Rock Band downloadable content will no longer be produced after April 2nd.

Harmonix broke the news this week it would no longer be supporting Rock Band with more song add-ons. The final batch of downloadable tracks will arrive on April 2nd, and after that, the developer will be moving those resources to new projects where the time could be better spent.

It's been a hell of a run for Harmonix and Rock Band, as there have been some 275 consecutive weeks of DLC produced by the company over the course of the past five years. With more than 4000 different songs released in that time, no one could say Harmonix didn't support the long-running series after launch. In fact, we can hardly think of another company that's continually supported its audience with as much new and varied content in one year, let alone five.

"We hope that you’ll all agree that this has been a tremendous run, and you should know it’s a ride that we at Harmonix have been thrilled to be a part of," Harmonix said in a statement. "We’re going to continue to support the forums and and hope to still see you rocking out online, in photos of Rock Band parties shared on Twitter and Facebook, or here on the forums. Whether you waited in line for a midnight release of Rock Band over 5 years ago, or you just joined the party with Rock Band Blitz… whether you’ve downloaded every single song we’ve ever released, or you’ve just played on disc songs until your neighbors moved away… whether you’re a metal shredder, or a bubblegum pop singer… thank you for being a part of our band."