We haven't seen a shooter intertwine itself with music this much since Aerosmith was featured in Revolution X.

Harmonix has revolutionized the music genre of gaming with the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but it looks as if they're bringing a new sound to the first-person shooter genre as well. Thanks to Polygon, we know that Chroma, Harmonix's newest game, seeks to blend the rhythm genre into an FPS.

Whenever you shoot a gun, a multicolored laser beam will appear coinciding with a audible tune. Given that each gun and character each have their own distinct sound, battlefields are going to change flat out melodies. Matching the tones and rhythm of your actions to the background music will help raise your firepower and increase the strength of your beams.

Chroma will be free-to-play upon its release and has recently started its alpha phase of game-testing. Unfortunately, no release window has been announced yet for Chroma.