When the Kickstarter campaign for Amplitude was first announced, fans of the series went crazy for the chance to once again play with some sick beats. Last week those fans and everyone else got their first taste of what the new Amplitude will look like, and we're picking up the beats they're putting down.

The six-and-a-half minute video shows off basic gameplay while describing what new features the resurrected game will offer. Creative lead Ryan Lesser leads the demo, showing off how the track moves with the beat and letting us hear one of the new original compositions for the game.

"Something we're doing that we never did in the original is using both concave and convex tracks that shift as you play," Lesser says. "The original Amplitude has convex track in solo play and concave tracks in multiplayer, but here we're going to allow the artists to shift it over the course of a song to create more of an interesting ride while you're playing the song."

We're happy that Amplitude is coming back, and it's cool that Harmonix let us see how the game is shaping up for ourselves. We wish more developers would do that, especially for Kickstarted games, so fans can see that what they've backed is coming along nicely. Why isn't that a rule of Kickstarter to begin with?