Last Summer the New York Department of Conservation gave New Yorkers specific orders! If you see it, kill it! Officials were referring to the Spotted Lantern Fly! This insect invaded our state and started devouring our trees and crops! Now the NYDEC has new orders for us.

If you see their eggs, destroy them!

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The Spotted Lantern Fly can cause a lot of damage while feeding on tree of heaven, maple trees and walnut trees. They are also a threat to wine and beer makers as they enjoy snacking on grapevine and hops. You could also say goodbye to our fall foliage tourism because there would be no leaves to look at! This is what they must die.

You won't start seeing the Spotted Lantern Fly for a few months but now that Spring is here their eggs, which were laid last fall, will be hatching. Unless we destroy them first. Take a look at this picture. This is what the eggs will look like on the trees in your yard. Judy Schwank Judy Schwank

If you see that muddy, putty substance on your trees you will need to gather some simple tools so you can destroy the Spotted Lantern Fly eggs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Credit Card
  • Butter knife
  • Putty knife
  • Scrape away the muddy protective covering
  • Squish the eggs until they ooze and die
  • It only takes seconds but you may have a lot of these locations on each tree
  • You can also scrape into a bag, add rubbing alcohol and discard as trash Judy Schwank Judy Schwank

Lets say you didn't get all the eggs this Spring and you start seeing the Spotted lantern Fly this Summer. KILL THEM!

  • Photograph the insect
  • Capture the insect and place it in a jar with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer
  • If no jar and rubbing alcohol are available, place the insect in a freezer
  • Contact a Spotted Lanternfly Responder HERE ASAP!
Photo by Magi Kern on Unsplash
Photo by Magi Kern on Unsplash

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