Blizzard is returning to the roots of the collectible card game genre by encouraging players to meet in the real world to play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Hearthstone's Fireside Gatherings celebration is encouraging players to arrange public meets with their fellow players or to just set up shop in dorms and coffee shops in order to encourage camaraderie between online players and potential friends. Blizzard says that duelists who assemble in the real world will be able to play exhibition matches, tournaments and build decks together, similar to the environment Hearthstone tries to simulate online. Even better, there's a rare bonus card back given to those who participate.

Anyone that successfully partakes in a group of three people (including yourself) that is logged into Hearthstone on the same subnet will be an official part of the Fireside Gatherings event. Partaking in this celebration and playing three matches against your friends near you or via the "Player Near Me" feature will add the exclusive "Fireside Friends" card back to your collection as along as you are all playing on the same subnet throughout the entire duration of the three matches.

Large events are being held at the following areas across the United States, while any trio of Hearthstone players can partake in a local Fireside Gatherings celebration as long as they adhere to the rules mentioned above. Fireside Gatherings is an exclusive event that is scheduled to happen on Saturday, April 26.