Snow is finally falling in the Capital Region and it is making people miserable. It would not be the 518 if we were not cold and miserable during January, February and most of March, but remember it could be worse.

I remember the snowstorm of 1988. I cried because I thought that Halloween was going to be canceled, but I always remember how the storm actually brought people together. I can still see my dad walking our dog with the neighbors in the tire tracks.

I think that the 2007 Valentine's Day Blizzard was the worst because I was living in Albany at the time, and I completely underestimated the storm and ended up having only an hour to dig my wife's car out of the snow before it would have been towed away. I was wearing thick socks and Converse. Some nice lesbians gave me a bottle of water while I was trying to help push the car up the street, then a nice man showed up with a shovel and helped me along, but then he told me that he was "out there hustling" and would not leave me alone until I gave him $20.

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