I am Dan America.

Why Dan America? Because my name is Dan and I am from America.
I am a proud, patriotic, rational American. Because I like to support the underdog, I have been a Detroit Lions fan since 1988.
I have appointed myself the duty of enriching American culture and enhancing the spirit of America.

I am a product of being raised, a long time ago in a decade far, far away... called the 80s.
During the 90s I mastered the art of knowing everything there is to know about nothing.
Unfortunately that does not look good on a resume.
In order to disprove the stereotype that most Americans are uneducated, I went to "some college." Now I am a media machine, made in America!

Fighting the good fight so we can all keep on rocking in the free world.
If I am not blogging for Albany's #1 Rock Station, I am doing stand-up comedy.
For America....