Should teachers be allowed to have guns removed from the homes of troubled children?  I don't even know where to begin with this.  However, Governor Cuomo proposed that teachers and school administrators should have the right to go to a judge and ask that guns be removed from the homes of troubled students.  I saw the article about Governor Cuomo's proposal (initially put out by the Associated Press), and I certainly had some thoughts come to mind.  Governor Cuomo feels his proposal is a way to help prevent school shootings, and a sensible alternative.  According to the article, teachers are backing the proposal.

But here's my thoughts.  I disagree.  I think the problems of school shootings are way beyond the scope of a 'troubled child' having a gun in their home, or what a teacher can identify.  If someone wants to cause harm, they'll find a way (unfortunately).  As someone who has a personal history as a healthcare professional of working with children with psychiatric disorders, there are so many factors at play.  I agree that teachers and administrators are integral to the development of children, identifying concerns, and that they are on the front lines.  But I also have encountered many educational providers, as a mental health professional, who aren't the best at reading or understanding psychiatric disorders, children's behaviors, and at times have triggered children more, causing them to wind up in a hospital crisis unit.

I am in NO way saying anything negative about teachers or their roles- teachers are amazing and what they do is amazing.  However, teachers are not mental health professions or psychiatric professionals.  What kind of criteria would they be going off of to deem a child 'troubled.' Would it be personal opinion?  Would it be any child with a psychiatric disorder (talk about stigmatizing)?  Would it be if a child is behavioral or acts out (something that can be caused by autism and cognitive disorders as well as just plain bad behavior)?  A child who's missed too much school?  I think there are just too many vague and grey areas here to be able to pass a law that can infringe on peoples' rights.  I do appreciate the steps that are being taken however in addressing the huge issue of mass shootings, from legislation ideas to community preparedness training events.  What are your thoughts?

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