The story I'm about to tell you involves hunting, trespassing, a stolen vehicle, illegal drugs, a car chase, spike strips and a foot chase!

This sounds like the ingredients to an action movie! Every great movie has a hero and in this case, one of the heroes is a dog! New York State DEC K9 Officer Handley was instrumental in tracking and locating the suspects. What is even more impressive is that this K9 just underwent life saving surgery 2 months ago!

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Earlier this month a coyote hunter spotted a man carrying a shotgun and a backpack while trespassing on the property. When the hunter confronted him the subject dropped the backpack and ran into the woods. The hunter retrieved the backpack, which contained deer antlers and deer calls and called NYSDEC.

Officer Fuerch arrived and observed a vehicle parked partially in the roadway with its lights off. Suspecting the vehicle was there to pick up the subject who ran into the woods earlier, the officer approached and turned on her emergency lights. The vehicle drove off!

A Genesee County Sheriff's Deputy was called in to assist and the Deputy successfully deployed spike strips which shredded the suspects tires. Once the vehicle came to a top, two individuals fled on foot into the woods. A third occupant in the backseat was immediately taken into custody by the Sheriff's Deputy.

How do you find someone hiding in the woods? You deploy K9 Hadley! Sure enough, the first subject as found, surrendered, and was taken into custody. The second subject was located in the garage of a nearby residence where he was taken into custody.

In the end, illegal drugs were found inside the getaway vehicle and that vehicle was reported stolen. The individuals that fled had several outstanding warrants and are facing a host of charges, including criminal possession of stolen property and unlawfully fleeing police.

It appears that K9 Officer Handley is doing just fine following surgery!

Get to know K9 Handley!

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