Spring is here and in New York State that means a few things. For one, you can't count on a consistent weather forecast. Cold 47 one day, sunny and 75 the next. Spring also marks the beginning of the lawn care season. Before you know it you will be firing up the mower and trimming the yard to perfection.

Before you get those mower blades spinning and slicing through the grass, I urge you to check your lawn. There could be something precious hidden that you will not want to disturb.

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The first thing you will need to do is walk your property and look for dead patches of grass. The yellowish, straw looking grass could be a couple of things. The few spots in my front yard are from our dog relieving himself there all Winter.

If you look closely at some of the other dead patches of grass, get down low to the ground. Looks like an ordinary dead patch but this one might be moving a little. See if you can carefully lift the patch up slowly. Do you see anything?

YouTube.com-Love What Matters
YouTube.com-Love What Matters

Be very gentle when lifting the grass because underneath the surface you just might find baby bunnies! Yes, you could have several rabbit nests in your yard and I'm guessing you do not want to run them over with your mower.

According to New York State DEC, wild rabbits begin nesting in March. Within one week of building a nest the rabbit gives birth and typically 3 weeks later the "kit" or litter of rabbits become independent and leave the nest.

YouTube.com- MangySquirrel

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