And once again another example of kids not allowed to be kids.

In England Hide & Seek is banned on all playgrounds and now a website is listing reasons why its "bad." Really? Read on please.

Momtastic is saying that in the modern age of raising your child, Hide & Seek is one of the worst games to let your child play. This is due to teaching your child to sneak around and not tell anyone what they are doing and teaches them to hide so they can't be found.

The writer goes on to say you need to "try to reach middle ground and address serious dangers around seemingly harmless things."

Please stop mind rapping everything when it comes to be a kid please!!!

Here's the list of reasons why Hide & Seek is "bad" and evil according to the writer:

  • Hide and seek promotes secretive play. The nature of the game is to not tell anyone where you are and what you are doing.
  • Hide and seek asks children to hide and not come out. The nature of the game is to ask children to hide so they can’t be found.
  • Hide and seek sends mixed messages. The nature of the game asks children to do what we've always told them not to.
  • Hide and seek requires mind skills young children may not have. The nature of the game requires you to differentiate between hiding for real and hiding for pretend play.

Yep, something so simple as playing Hide & Seek is so bad for the mental development of a child that it shouldn't be played. You want to ban Tag while you're at it? Or how about any type of sport? Oh wait, that's right - there are no winners and loser these days, everyone gets a participation award.

I feel bad for this generation of kids because when they get in to the real world and try to get a job or get cut from one due to someone's underhandedness - they are going to have a fricking meltdown.

Let kids be kids! Let them play, let them get hurt, let them lose - that's how they learn! Don't wrap them up in a bubble of "happiness" that is one gigantic lie.

When I finally have kids - I will let them get dirty, I will let them play games they have a slight chance at getting hurt in, I will let them experience the world and let them learn from those experiences.

LET KIDS BE KIDS!! And please stop listening to every half-witted "expert" who probably has a nanny to raise their kids while they write blogs telling you how bad of a job you are doing.

To read more about Momtastic's view on Hide & Seek - Click Here

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