High winds caused power outages to nearly 20,000 people in the Capital Region due to high winds Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

According to the Times Union, around 18,000 customers were without power in the Capital Region area Thursday (April 5) and many thousands more statewide. Some of the spots hit hard were Warren County with around 7,000 out and Saratoga County with around 4,000 out. Wind gusts were said to be at around the 65 mph range last night, with National Grid reporting that around 36,000 had been affected by the power outages. They didn't give time frame for when power would be restored. In a statement, National Grid said: " We urge customers to put safety first. Consider all downed wires to be live and dangerous, as they may be in contact with energized electric wires hidden from view. To report downed electric wires,  please call us at 1-800-867-5222 or your local emergency response organization."

Were you affected by the winds? Did you lose power?

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