It’s going to be a hot one today an ‘Excessive Heat Warning’ is in effect and we may break the record set in 1966 if the temperature reaches 100.

It is very important to stay cool today because of the excessive heat, here are some tips:

  • Keep a bucket of ice water nearby so that you can dunk your head in it, you can put your feet in it too but I don’t think you will want to dunk your head in cold, dirty feet water. Maybe keep two buckets of ice water nearby.
  • Drink plenty of water or whatever hydrating beverage that you prefer, alcohol is not one of them but if you combine a hydrating beverage with an alcoholic beverage then I guess that works?
  • Go swimming in a pool, a lake or a creek but don’t dig a hole in your yard or someone else yard and fill it with water.
  • If you can’t handle any outdoor activities don’t push yourself. Stay inside with the AC cranked or with a fan on you. You can fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it and put it in front of the fan, I don’t know if it actually works but I always have fun doing it.
  • Don’t wear socks.
  • Put a cold, damp washcloth on your head, you can freeze it too and put it on your head but don’t try to freeze it to your head. If you accomplish freezing a washcloth to your head then please post pictures in the comments.
  • Go topless
  • It’s a popsicle day!
  • I don’t like freeze-pops

Whatever you do today don’t be like me and do what I did on Saturday: I went to the Great Escape with my son, mother, and niece. I convinced myself that I am an immortal who is powered by the sun, so I did not wear any sunblock, I now have a really bad sunburn. It hurts to take a shower and if I go outside it feels like I am a vampire being burned alive by the sun. Everyone I know keeps telling me that I should of warn sunblock, they don’t believe in my powers.

Stay cool Cap City.

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