Some of my favorite descriptions of the parts of the city include: "Over Priced Toll Road", "Going Down Hill Quick", and "Run Down Beat Up Decrepit Former Main Drag" ...

So I recently came across this tumbler post of a Judgemental Map for a city I had lived in at one point or another and was cracking up at how accurate some of the judgements of the towns where. Then I saw a tab that said find your city so naturally I had to click and find out what they had come up with for the Capital Region.

Most of the maps they had available for the state of New York were for New York City but there was one map for Upstate New York and lucky for us it just so happened to be Albany! While the map is still pretty funny it seems to be a bit dated mostly because it has a date on it from 2014. So, I thought I would share the map with you and see if there is anything you would change or add to the map?!?! Let us know in the comments!

Ndru and Vgr
Ndru and Vgr

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