Step 1: Do not ask me, Dan America, for tips. I am a terrible winter weather driver.

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I am terrible at driving in the winter weather because I am overly cautious. In my defense, better safe than sorry- and I have been very sorry once.

Three years ago, I was involved in two accidents at the same intersection less than a week apart, and it was all due to winter weather. In the first accident, I rear-ended a woman after dropping my son off at daycare because my car slid on a patch of black ice. A few days later, a man rear-ended me at the same intersection after I picked my son up from daycare, when he slid on a patch of black ice.

Which intersection? The one in front of the Albany Airport.

I once slid off the road coming out of Latham Farms on Sparrow Bush Road when I was 18, then I waived to those passing me before getting back on the road. It was the day of a terrible storm and I was determined to defeat the winter weather by going to the store for a pack of smokes.

I once slid into the guard rail in Sand Lake while driving in a snow storm with my wife (who was my girlfriend at the time.) It was a gentle bump that left a small dent in the front bumper of the car. I slowed the car down enough so that it would not be scary, but inevitably and after the gentle bump, I turned to my wife/girlfriend and said "See, that wasn't so bad."

Then she cried her eyes out.

When driving in the winter weather of the Capital Region, I use the "baby steps" method as seen in the movie, "What about Bob?"

Yup... that is pretty much me driving to work in the morning when there is a bad storm.

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