We all hate how farts smell. Unless its our own brand. Here is a way to check out someone else's brand without dying.

I am almost certain that this isn't really a thing. But if not, why? These could be instant gold (hopefully not brown). Imagine it, Mark Cuban or one of the many other wealthy people on Shark Tank investing major dough on this concept. Its genius.

You think your babe is going to spontaneously combust? Don't be like Kenny on South Park. Instead stick a Glade Plug Up's into your bottom. Ahhhh mountain rain.

At a social function and had greasy tacos before you arrived. Drop some x-rated bombage safely with Plug Up's.

So many places now you can fart and not worry. Silent and deadly will no longer be a thing. It actually will be praised. However, you better be comfortable sticking a digit up your own butt to make the farts pleasant. Ehhh it's a sacrifice you will have to take. Or stick.. Whichever.

I think the NanoBreeze 3000 is a better option. Lets Invest..


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