Apparently there is a black bear roaming around Guiderland who has taken to twitter to playfully taunt the community.

Okay real talk here. A black bear has been spotted roaming on W. Lydius Street as well as the Fuller Station Road area near Carman Road in Guilderland. According to News 10 authorities are advising residents to bring in bird feeders and secure their garbage cans while putting out the reminder that "If you see the bear, do not approach and contact the police department at (518)-356-1501."

There is an upside to this black bear situation, it seems that this bear has itself a twitter account and it has been using it to to air it's grievances if you will, with the media on the reports of it's sightings and to poke fun at the community just a bit.

I'm not going to lie I have enjoyed his tweets immensely this afternoon. I have even offered to have him stop by the studio for an interview. You know, before the man catches up to him, but I haven't heard back yet. That or he's ignoring me...

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