A few days ago there was a recall for infant ibuprofen sold at major pharmacies. Now they are expanding that recall even further. Here's what you need to know. At the end of January, there was a voluntary recall for the infant medication because of higher concentrations of ibuprofen than they had on the label. According to Simplemost.com, routine tests found that the levels of ibuprofen were up to ten percent more than the specified limit.

The medications that are affected are sold at Walmart, Family Dollar and CVS stores. The names are CVS Ibuprofen, Family Wellness Infants' Ibuprofen, and Equate Infants' Ibuprofen. They have added more lot numbers to the recall.

Tris Pharma who makes the infant ibuprofen has told retailers to stop selling the product. If you want to see which are affected, click HERE. You can also report a problem with this product to the FDA online.

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