In the thick of tax season, with 'Tax Day' soon approaching, the IRS has released it's "Dirty Dozen" list of the top tax scams of 2018.  Among the tops scams for 2018 are certain phishing scams, phone scams, fake charity scams, frivolous tax scams, and more.  The IRS writes about each type of scam, and a brief description, to help people stay vigilant during a season surrounding finances. You can check out the list and all the info at the official IRS website.

I recently went through a phishing scam a month or two ago, where someone kept calling and harassing my husband's parents to divulge personal information about him or he would be sent a court summons.  To me, as someone who has a lawyer in the family, this was obviously a scam.  But, people can sound very threatening and intimidating on the phone, and I can see how it's easy to get sucked in to these things!  Not long after that, I dealt with another phishing scam where I got a fake text from someone pretending to be my bank telling me to call a number regarding my account.  Instead, I called my bank's customer service line to verify it was a scam and report it.  Tax season stinks anyway, don't let it be worse! Take a minute to browse the "Dirty Dozen" and help prevent yourself from falling victim to one of these things.