The success of The Jersey Shore is mind blowing.  For some reason this seemingly unwatchable show has garnered unbelievable views and now Pauly D has his very own T-Shirt line.


It is amazing how MTV can turn things like the The Hills and Jersey Shore into gold.  The premier of Jersey Shore a couple weeks ago had millions of viewers and broke cable television records across the USA.  I am one of the many victims that can't take their eyes away from it.  It has sucked me and I crave it like a cigarette.  Well maybe not like that, but I enjoy watching the incredible stupidity of these people.

Most of the cast is reaping the rewards of their new found fame including MVP.  For those of you who don't know what that is, MVP stands for Mike, Vinny and Pauly.  Each one of them now has their own line of T-shirts.  Pauly D is the latest to grab his own line called Dirty Beats.  He is reportedly very involved in the design process and turned down other offers because they wouldn't let him help design the T's.  So whats next?  I can only imagine a line of Jersey Shore Taxi's are on the way called "Cab's Are Heeeahhhh!"