This man could not leave his machine while gambling at a slot machine arcade, so he poops in the corner then goes back to playing the slot machine, he may not of had any toilet paper, but he did have a hot hand. 


It may shock you!

But this is not the first time I have herd about something like this.

I am half Polish on my mother's side, my mothers family always stressed over money, they did not like to spend their money, but they hated cheap things. They would make me feel guilty about spending my money, but the family hobby was gambling.

At every family gathering there were games of Pokeno with a a 1-2 dollar buy-in, and if you do not know what Pokeno is, it's pretty much Bingo with a deck of cards. If I won, I would rent a video game, but I would feel guilty about it.

I would rescue Peach from Bowser, and then ask myself if it was worth it.

Family vacations always involved a casino.

We could not pass through New Jersey without stopping at Atlantic City, and for some reason my Grandparents always seemed to be there.

I have spent allot of time observing the gambling folk.

I have seen pee pee pants and senior citizens playing slot machines in their sleep, with a bucket of quarters in their lap, and a tuna sandwich in one hand and it was always unfinished.

I have seen woman in curlers and housecoats fighting over slot machines. I have seen husbands pulling wives away from the casino floor, like you would see a father dragging their crying child out of a toy store.

I have been told that it's not Ginger Ale in that cup and I have been trampled by my own mother.

I like to think that my family's hobby is mild compared to others, but I have herd legends from my Uncle about a family member that used to pee from a moving car so that they would not have to stop while on their way to the casino.

I am happy to say that none of my family has pooped in the corner like this guy, but squirting from a moving car is pretty weird, especially because my Uncle told me it was his Aunt.

Now that you know, be careful the next time you're at a casino, you never know what you will find in the corner, or on the road, or in a cup.

And be sure to wash your hands.

Good Luck!