Whether it be root beer, bubblegum, strawberry daiquiri, lemon, toasted marshmallow, buttered popcorn or cotton candy, we all have a favorite flavor of jelly bean. Some of us were even curious enough to try the Harry Potter-influenced bean flavors that included dirt, earwax, booger, soap and even vomit. Jelly Belly brand has just announced the flavors of their two newest beans: draft beer and chocolate covered Tabasco.

For all you beer fans out there, don't get too excited, as the beans don't actually contain any alcohol- which might be good for those trying to jump on the sobriety wagon. As for the other flavor, Jelly Belly is enhancing the already-existant Tabasco beans by adding chocolate.

The two new flavors were unveiled at this year's Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, a three-day event in which new and unique foods and food-related edibles are showcased from 35 countries. The downside? There were no samples of the sweet and spicy bean, just a display of the packaging. It won't be long before consumers can get their hands on their own, though.

Would you try the new jelly bean flavors?