When I hear the term “Peep Show”, it really makes me think of only one thing.  So, hearing about a new “Peep Show” IPA from New York, I was clearly intrigued.  I mean come on, it sounds like a risque beer experience.  Except, it turned out to be something completely different.

Newyorkupstate.com posted about this, and has a video up of the beer-making-process.... which includes Peeps.  Yes, Peeps.  The marshmallow bird shaped candy that fill grocery and pharmacy shelves galore around Easter (yet most people don’t really actually eat them.  In fact, I feel like most people let them sit until they get stale and hard and thrown away).  Turns out the New York IPA, “Peep Show”, is called such as it is made with Peeps.  I get it, sugar is used to make beer.  But still- I cant even handle the idea of a Peep cocktail, let alone beer with Peeps.  What are your thoughts?? Would you drink it?

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