He’s got a show tonight at Jillian’s with Taddy Porter and The Lost Sons, but if you’d like to get a sample of what you’ll get here’s a couple of songs he played for us at the Q103 studios today.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights you know that I’ve had nothing but great things to say about the material. I love it. And hearing him in the studio didn’t disappoint. And he’s a cool cat too. He came in with the intention of playing his single ‘Gypsy Woman’ and another song. And although I think the entire cd ‘Pardon Me’ is excellent start to finish, there is one song that I am really drawn to and have caught myself listening to it multiple times in a row in the car. He clearly had no plans to play it here thinking that perhaps it might have been a little on the lighter side for a rock station like Q103. But after I told him how much I loved it, he said “Alright man, I’ll play if for ya.” I think that’s awesome because I can tell you from experience that there are many artists out there who stick strictly to the script. You probably know yourself that unless you’re going to see a ‘Jam band’, most artists have a set list that they play like a record night in and night out and don’t stray from it. Well, when they stop by for an acoustic set, they usually only play songs that have been rehearsed in that manner numerous times and would be afraid to play something that they don’t normally do. I think a lot of has to do with how many songs might not come off that well without multiple layers of guitar and a big production. One of the best things about Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights is that all the songs are good enough to stand alone with just an acoustic and a little shaker in the background. And that my friend… is when you know you’ve got some great song writing! And so to you JT and the NL, I say thanks for coming by, and thanks for the tunes. Have a great show tonight at Jillian's.

The song that I’m so passionate about here is the 2nd one entitled “Paint Me a Picture” And if you enjoy it half as much as I do, then I’ll bet you’re having a pretty good day.

Gypsy Woman

Paint Me A PIcture