As of about 20 minutes ago, Paramore made a huge but teasing announcement via Instagram and Facebook. A picture of what looks like a young Zac Farro.  The caption: "I'm back -" and tagging Zac's Instagram account, @bodegajonez

What does this mean?! For those who are fans of Paramore, it's no secret that the band has had it's ups and downs with members.  Farro had previously drummed for the band from about 2004-2010.  The band also at times has had drummer gun Aaron Gillespie [Underoath] to fill in.  Also of note, Zac Farro's brother Josh, also a former member of Paramore during the same years, had a famously nasty split with the band in 2010, that was covered by multiple media outlets at the time.

As of now- it looks like the band is alluding publicly to their former drummer being back! And many people have posted their questions and comments  about this already on the bands social media.  The band is even selling a T-shirt with a picture and the saying "I'm Back" at their official website,

For his part, Zac made comments to media over the summer that he had been tweeted by members of the band, and was asked to play drums on an upcoming album.

What do you think? And will Zac become an 'official' member again?